6) Comparison of sharpness between PF and conventional lenses at 500 mm.

In mid 2018 Nikon announced the new 500 mm f5.6 PF lens. What about this lens and its mighty 500mm f4 conventional lens? Using the same set up as above, I obtained QoF value for the PF lens of 1,394 while that of the conventional lens was 1,709. As with the 300mm lenses, the difference between the two lens types is considerable and likely to be discernible. Today’s prices for these two lenses are £ 3,249 (PF lens) and £8,999 for the conventional lens. Should you have to carry your gear, the weight of the PF lens is a relatively lightweight 1.46 kg while that of the conventional lens is double that at 3.09 kg. “You pays your money and takes your choice”!