Front Cover January 2020 Oke Links


Robin in snowstorm

Front Cover Oct 2019 Plym Links


Scrumping Fallow Deer

Finalist 2019 RPS Nature Group Competition


Pine Marten and Loch Etive

Robin chosen by Dartmoor Society for their 2018 Christmas Card


Robin in snowstorm - hoping for some food - hungry fella!

One of two photos selected for the final short-list of RPS Nature Group 2018 Competition


Steller's Sea Eagle. Taken in Hokkaido Japan, this is the largest sea-eagle in the world with up to 8 foot wing span. Normally found on the sea-ice, this was taken from a fishing boat.

Second entry selected as a finalist for RPS Nature Group 2018 Competition.


Blakiston's Fishing Owl. Incredibly rare species with only ~20 pairs in Hokkaido. Taken in midwinter when the night time temperature reached -20C. The pools are kept from freezing because of they are fed by geothermal springs.

Shortlisted in The Hidden World, Royal Society of Biology Photo Competition 2017


Out of the Darkness - Blakiston's Fishing Owl (shown above) taken on Shiretoko Peninsular, Hokkaido, Japan. Owls are typically birds of the night and so are from the dark "hidden world".

Photographing in Namibia


Greater Kestrel mobbing a Tawny Eagle. I will set up a section for Namibia later.

Shortlisted for RPS Wildlife Competition


Courting swallows - such excitement!

Selected as a BioPic in The Biologist


Kopje Copycat - a cheetah merges into a granite outcrop while looking for game in the Serengeti, Tanzania

Biologist chooses photo for their BioPic


Swallows Courting